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From OYB: "Back Tracks", a CD of great, sleeper hits by Austin Godfather, Richard Dobson -- w/ classic gulf oil rig song!
May 13, 2010

$12 (inc. S/H)

[Bumped from 6/05.] Courtesy of the OYB label, welcome to the Best of Richard Dobson!

"Back Tracks" gets you 21 great songs for $12 postpaid.

Richard Dobson is one of the gang who sparked up the Austin Texas music scene back in the 70's along with Townes van Zandt and Guy Clark. He's a singersongwriter who's been at it a long time. He says he writes "folk and rocking country music." I think there's a pun in there. Anyway, this music is from the 1980's but it'll be new to you!

I particularly like "Roughneck Occupation"---how often does the true story of oil rig work in the Gulf of Mexico end up in a hit single? Can you tell me of other recent country "social issue" songs that are better? And this isn't just a jiffy song. It's been solid since the 80's when Richard was workin' the rigs and recorded the song.

I note that his memoir, Gulf Coast Boys, which I also sell, also covers his oil rig years -- working for Bush, Sr., in fact -- the worst boss ever. It also covers his touring with Townes and development in the scene, with housemate Guy Clark, plus his tries at Nashville. There's shrimpboat work in there, too. It's a great read! (Goes with the CD just dandy.)

Note: UK/Euro customers should click the ordering button then also click the extra button below to add an extra $8 to your Shopping Cart to partly offset the excess postage:

Here's what others have to say about Richard's music:

"His rhythms and ideas are great. His words are precise and never wasted. He's one of my favorite songwriters." --Townes Van Zandt

"Richard Dobson is a great songwriter." --Steve Earle

"Richard Dobson is one of the best songwriters in Nashville -- make that the whole U.S." --John Prine

"Richard Dobson is the Hemingway of Country Music." --Nanci Griffith in the world did I get the chance to sell his music? Good question! A bunch of other labels handle his dozen other recordings, but I consider "BackTracks" to be his greatest hits. He agrees. I saw it wasn't being sold at Amazon. So I wanted to do something about it.

That's not good enough. C'mon, how did I get it? This is worldclass music, man! Wahhhlll... I suppose Richard thinks it's all as funny as I do. ...I got Richard from Jack Saunders. Jack wrote about Richard's memoir "The Gulf Coast Boys" in his work. He liked it. Jack really works on the reality of the working artist. Richard played hard-driving bar music with the toughest guys around, spending wild years on the road with the likes of TVZ. Between tours he worked on oil rigs and shrimp boats. It's all in "Gulf Coast Boys"---which I sell in my book section, Literary department. Maybe. Maybe it's in the Music Scene. (Help?) So first I read this musician's book. Then I bought his music. (Backwards?) "GCB" a fine read, from the inside of an amazing scene. I think there's something important about authentic artists who work in a couple media, including the plain ol' dirt media of things like huntin' and fishin'. I like selling an artist who offers both book and music. No ghostwriters: just heavyhitting art coming at you every which way.

When I realized that his best music wasn't available at Amazon, I wrote to Richard about fixing this problem. He was game to try selling more of his greatest hits album any which way. So here we are!

He then started including me in on his email list for his own decades-long-long-running zeen (newsletter) called "Life & Times." (Then I made the Amazon discovery.) He's been living in Europe in recent years. Playing concerts, touring, recording. Apparently they like real country music more in Europe than they do here. True! He can't make a living here. They want "acts" instead. You want the real Texas? Go to Germany, man. He says the funny thing is that he always thought he would end up in Mexico. Oh well, every other part of the dream has worked out. Enjoy.

I also really like "The Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith", about a motorcycle stuntman. ("He fell a little bit short / hit the ramp.")

"Turn in the Barrel" is a hilarious, sardonic twist on the usual blues---it's your turn this time, baby. "She Almost Reminds Me of You" is a country classic that trumps the stereotype while sticking to it. If you've heard better lately, let me know. Quite a few of these tunes will stick with you forever.

OK, now here's something different. You can buy a selection of Richard's songs one at a time with the links below. Or you can listen to free .MP3 samples...

Click on songs below to buy! $1 ea!

Paid downloads are via PayPal, about 4mb. All files .mp3 format. (If a download gets named 'get.asp'--just rename it as you like with the .mp3 extension.)

Roughneck Occupation

Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith


Turn in the Barrel


She Almost Reminds Me of You


Forever, For Always, For Certain

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