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Dread Clampitt
November 13, 2006

$15 (inc. S/H)

[$15. NOTE: I'm *Out of Stock* on this first album. I have 'Geaux Juice" in stock, so that's what I'd ship! If you want their first album, I can see about getting more.] Bluegrass funky fusion. Famous along the Gulf Coast. Oh yeah!

The CD comes with a folk writing chapbook called "Root Doctor" explaining where the band came from and where it's going, written by Jack Saunders, groupie of the band, and father of Balder, one of the players. Fancy Hollywood CDs don't come with chapbooks. This is a special deal, from a special band, doing special work.

They've recently been written up as a hot young band on its way.

If you're ever on the Panhandle of Florida, a ways west of Panama City, you can hear them play several times a week. They also tour and do festivals.

They let their website go and are now MySpace-based at

There are also live concert tapes up online. (The Dead still lives!) Check out:

A "Tough" Review

Hey, here's a nice "tough" review of 2 songs off this CD from longtime reviewer/musician Tom Hendricks. He prides himself on objectivity and a deep background in the arts. His reviews are available various places online, especially at Check it out:


Review # 66

Title: Granny Brown / Introduce Yourself

What is it: Two songs from the cd Dread Clampitt by
Dread Clampitt

Technical Quality: Recording quality is average to above
average. The bluegrass type music is well done throughout
with very accomplished fiddler and mandolin players.
Note there is also guitars and base but no drums.
The lead singer's voice is dry and sparse, but its also
very friendly, straightforward, and he sings in a
conversational type style. The arrangements
and back ground vocals are seamless and well done.

Innovative Quality: Above average. Both songs are
well constructed with a mix of good melodies and
above average lyrics.

Review: Two songs by Dread Clampitt are both fun,
spirited, and would sound great live.

Granny Brown is the biography of a rural, religious, woman
with the gift of "the discernment‚" psychic ability. She also
shows a real talent for living a full life and taking things
in stride. She says, "So much fun to be had. Quit your
cryin and yer fussin‚" This is an accomplished little
biography song.

"Introduce Yourself" is a fine short little love song about the singer falling
instantly in love with the girl coming through the door.
Note the melodic chorus.

Overall Grade:
Granny Brown: 6.5
Introduce Yourself: 5.5

Grading system: 9-10 Highest grade - Life's work of
a master (ex. Collected plays of Shakespeare, collected
symphonies of Beethoven) 8-9 Single best work of a
celebrated master's career. 7-8. Best work of an era or
genre or decade. 6-7 Best work of the year. 5-6 Very
good. 4-5 More good than bad. 3-4 Average amount
of good = amount of bad. 2-3 Mostly bad with some
redeeming parts. 1-2 Nothing redeemable. 0-1 So bad
it is offensively bad and outrages the reviewer for
taking up that time in his life - just awful.

Musea guarantees a review for all art work in any
conceivable field IF you follow the rules posted on
alt.zines or see our website or e-mail me.
Tom Hendricks

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