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How to Save the Canoe? (Why?)
May 22, 2014 - How to save the Canoe? ...Maybe 3-seaters about 16-ft long with a rudder could do the trick. Can be paddled solo and gives both solo and tandem setups easy control. To my mind kayaks are best for wind and waves, otherwise a canoe is best: the view, the ergonomics, weight-for-size, cargo/people capacity, haulability, seem better w...  > Read Article

Fixing a Hogged Canoe
September 25, 2013 - I have an old woodstrip pro-boat canoe that has acquired an inch of hogging due to hanging from ropes at each end, upside down, for decades. It's an old race boat, 18.5 feet long, 3 feet wide, built to code. Fast and tippy. But nice. Well, nice in its own way. It floats, at least. (And leaks some.) Hogging happens when t...  > Read Article

The Demise of the Canoe -- Victory for Kayaks
July 12, 2013 - I've long wondered about the Demise of the Canoe in comparison to the Triumph of the Kayak. I note that with today's dominance of the kayak format in all types of paddling that we don't actually seem to have more people out on the water. That's because kayaks aren't good for some of the more popular kinds of waterway. Doh! Yet t...  > Read Article

Video: Flatwater Canoe Poling, Scootering, Boatocross (SUP, SUC)
November 15, 2012 - Here's an absurdly long video of Flatwater Canoe Poling, Scootering and Boatocross that Tom and I did last summer. 18 minutes! I'll try to chop it down to 2 min's when I can. I already spent an hour editing it down from an hour. I suppose I just got mesmerized. I suppose just forward around the thing. ...There's a Grand F...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Fishing Tip: Change COLOR If Getting Half-hits
September 03, 2012 - Fishing tip, ahoy! I've been fishing a couple times lately and I notice that the fish KINDA like the lure I've been using. They hit it PRETTY hard and rather often, basically every bit of water that has fish gets a swirl, tug or kinda-hit. So I keep trying. I've landed a few, but I've been curious about the half-hearted hits. T...  > Read Article

New Canoe Technique! --"Scootering!"
August 23, 2012 - New canoe technique invented! -- "Scootering." When you hit some shallows, put a foot out, kick off the bottom and GLIDE! It's fun and works great. If kids tried it awhile I bet they could do it without holding onto the gunnels -- I'm almost to that point. Keep other foot in center of hull. And let kicking foot fling back out ...  > Read Article

Canoe Speeds: Food for Thought
May 29, 2012 - Canoes just aren't fast. I suppose I should just accept it. Still, it might help us appreciate the situation if we take a look at the speeds of various types of canoes. It's worse than I thought. Here's a canoe pal's estimate: Racing canoe: 4.5mph Fast sport canoe: 4 Cruiser: 3.5 Tourer: 3 This is when these are paddled ...  > Read Article

Light or Heavy: Best Canoe for Long Day Trip?
May 02, 2012 - I'm wondering about what's a good canoe for a long day paddle. Say you want to paddle 30-50 miles in a day. With a pretty long lightweight canoe you'd be tempted to paddle with a faster stroke-rate and a bit more 'pop'. Such a boat would be fast. And it would glide an "x" amount per stroke. Now consider a bit longer of a boa...  > Read Article

Trouting in the Driftless
April 16, 2012 - My pal Chris and I just got back from a weekend of trouting in the Driftless area of SW Wisconsin. Beautiful valleys, farms, and cold limestone creeks galore. The creeks seem like they should be warm, due to all the greenery and cows, but there's all this limestone shelving -- and cold springs upwelling. Neat! It's a worldclass...  > Read Article

Standup Canoeing and Poling: a New Kind of SUP
January 09, 2012 - Here's the various SUC and Poling concepts wrapped into one. It's the text from a story of mine that "Silent Sports" ran... It's a nice summary of the "Everyman" variations on SUP that I'm promoting...

New Ways to SUP!

Try Standup Canoeing and Poling -- for Better Sightseeing & Exercise

Standup paddling...  > Read Article

Finally, a Video! ...of Flatwater Canoe Poling
October 19, 2010 - Last weekend Henry and his pal went out with me and took some pics and video of me doing canoe poling and stand-up canoeing on the Red Cedar river down the street. The autumn foliage was spectacular. The kids did a decent job of media-work, too. Although their amateur touches are easy to see and their patience quickly ran thin...  > Read Article

Stand-Up Canoeing in the Fall ... Video & Pics
October 19, 2010 - I make myself laugh. What should this new sport of Stand-Up Canoeing be called? Lessee, there's SUP, Stand-Up Paddle surfing. Which actually doesn't make much sense. It should be SUPS, shouldn't it? Anyway, it looks like we're left with "SUC." Too bad we aren't also in punk bands. Hey, you can do it in a wide kayak with a big coc...  > Read Article

Canoe Poling: Where it's at for Shallow Water!
October 01, 2010 - Where's My Story? Here's a new report on the fun sport of flatwater fast canoe poling. I had written it up years ago when I first discovered it but the link got lost on my webiste, due to malfunction. I just found it in my Backlist of old boating articles and reposted it, bumping it up to yesterday, for your amusement. ...  > Read Article

Canoe Poling: Not for Downeasters Anymore
September 30, 2010 - [BUMP FROM 2005. It was in my Backlist of Boating articles. But It had a bad link! UGH! I thought I'd purged all those. Rats!] CANOE POLING: Not for downeasters anymore. For jetting the shallows, great views and an allbody workout! by Jeff Potter [originally published in "Messing About in Boats" magazi...  > Read Article

Crayfishing! -- Fun Down at the River
September 19, 2010 - I'd been meaning to take the kids fishing this summer. We finally had the chance so we dashed down to the river a half mile down the street. It's the Red Cedar. Not a famous or popular river. Kind of a muddy ditch of a thing. The miles near our house are jammed shut by dozens of falldowns so it's no good for canoeing. But i...  > Read Article

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