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Daisy was a Good Dog
May 03, 2010 - It was a sad day for us, but something interesting happened, so I'll tell you about it. Daisy, our German Wirehaired Pointer, was 15 and ailing, yet still stalwart and affable, as ever. Today was her last day. Time has its downside, but Daisy had a good long run. We had a cheery goodbye party for her. But, first, here's a stor...  > Read Article

Daisy says Merry Xmas!
December 14, 2009 - She's 15 years old and on her last legs but she still has spark. About a month ago she finally recovered from (fairly simple) surgery to remove a large growth that was impeding her ability to walk. We figure that her eager ability to enjoy life is a good reason for her to be here. She still wags her tail, fetches, obeys...  > Read Article

Skijoring in Michigan!
January 08, 2009 - by David Spieser You might already know that ‘skijor’ is a Scandinavian term that literally means ‘ski-driving’ and refers to the art of using draft animals harnessed to pull a skier. Skijoring can be done with any animal you can get some kind of harness on but most people use dogs. Special harnesses and ‘tug lines’ des...  > Read Article

Save bigtime on vet bills: DIY vaccines, 7-in-1...and nail-clipping!
May 10, 2008 - Maybe this is common knowledge by now, but in case it's not you can save hundreds of dollars in vet bills by doing your own vaccinating. Our local pet shop sells a 7-in-1 vaccine (I think that's what it is) from a frig behind the counter. It's about $7 instead of $100 at the vet. Well, a visit to the vet always costs us a bit more th...  > Read Article

Be Still My Heart --- for what might have been...
April 24, 2007 - Some friends were over the other day and I was showing them our various new dried animal skins. ---Two minks and one pheasant---from recent roadkill finds. I like having representative pretty things around. We found 2 lovely minks on local roads in the past month, in perfect shape, nice big ones, so I skinned em out and dried/p...  > Read Article

Old Dog Learns New Trick
December 19, 2006 - Our GWP, Daisy, who is 13 years old, learned a new trick in the past month or so and we didn't even know it. Awhile ago Martha started giving her a little doggy treat whenever she comes back to the house promptly after going out for a brief necessity. We just figured it out that Daisy has been wanting to go outside a lot l...  > Read Article

A New Age of Feist!
January 02, 2006 - Dog hunting seems to be becoming more elitist. There are fewer game birds for the bird dogs and less room to trail for the hounds. In the end, getting access to game often costs a lot more than it did, say, in the 1970's before the family-farms died out (they tended to let people hunt/wander their lands quite freely). The way man...  > Read Article

Animals (Dog)
January 09, 2005 - Griffon: Gundog Supreme---The history and story of how to save a breed, by Joan Bailey. There are dozens of famous dog and birddog books. Of course there are a few stand-outs (you should definitely read widely if you want to train or know ...  > Read Article

Versatile Dog Breeds
November 06, 2004 - They get their name because they're bred for:, guard, utility (pulling), water, feather, fur, fetch, point, track, flush... Can you say smart? Only buy one from a Eurostyle (open book) breeder. The kinds of breeds include: GWP, GSP, Griffon, Weimy, Vizsla, Pudelpointer, Brittany Spaniel, Drathaar, Czesky Fou...  > Read Article