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100+ Finnish Knife Items Coming Soon!
September 28, 2015 - I should get a shipment from Finland in a couple weeks of 100+ knives and blades and sheaths and kits. These will be unique, gorgeous, ever-so-handy knife things like are hard to find in the USA. Only a few places stock or promote them. The Scandi blade shape and grind and especially the HANDLE shape are just so good for ac...  > Read Article

March 25, 2015 - Sharpness and edges... I'm selling knives! I'm emphasizing a cool type of knife that is seldom-seen in the US: the Scandinavian puukko. See my listings in my OutYourBackdoor eBay Store!… I think it's funny ...  > Read Article

A Laguiole! For TdF ...There's Only One, You Know!
June 11, 2009 - [$55 shipped in the US, flat rate Priority.] [SOLD! If ya snooze ya looz! : ) I'll keep my eyes peeled for other unique, nifty, useful knives.] Viva la France! TIOOYK! I just picked up a new-in-box R. David handmade Laguiole knife with corkscrew. I'm guessing the wood is Olive, but who knows. It's very ni...
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Puukko & Mora Knives: Cheap, Great, Everyday Outdoor Blades...
April 22, 2009 - I've been bumping into Mora knives quite often in my outdoor knife readings lately. For instance, the Ray's Way ultralight camping school has students make their own Mora style knife, which Ray Jardin declares to be the best all around camp knife. That caught my eye. I've also noticed that they're cheap. Like $10. And it's from...  > Read Article

My Fave Junk Drawer
November 22, 2008 - Here's my favorite junk drawer. It's right where I work and it's for knives and outdoor sports stuff. Whenever I go on an outing, or need to tinker with something, I dip into it for what's needed. How about if you take a pic of your fave/junk drawer, too! You can upload it somewhere and link it to a reader-comment below. I th...  > Read Article

"Old Hickory" Camp Knife Project
November 09, 2008 - A few years ago I bought a $8 Old Hickory 6" butcher knife and it sat around. I'd bought it because I'd read that it was easy and fun to convert these into camp knives. Finally I went and just TOOK some time out of an overloaded (16 things on the to-do list!) day and just layed into it. Since then I've taken a few minutes here a...  > Read Article

You Like Sharp? --these guys are NUTS for sharp
June 12, 2008 - This is an esoteric subject. How to even find the right image to illustrate it? Sharpness. (OK, I'll find something basic that will work---a pic of an edge---easy.) I've always appreciated sharpness in a tool. Well, since my uncle showed me the basics. Or at least provoked me about the basics. It was mysterious. I was maybe...  > Read Article

Making My Own Nessmuk from a Cleaver
June 19, 2007 - A friend was selling his grampa's old butcher knife at a garage sale. It was huge, with a 1/3" thick maybe 14" long blade---more like a cleaver. But I saw another knife hiding inside it. I asked him if it would be OK if I chopped up the old knife and he said fine, let's do it! He wanted to see what would come of it all... So I dr...  > Read Article

NESSMUK --Say it loud!
January 31, 2007 - Do you know Nessmuk? If you like outdoor culture, you should. So now you will! He's the guy who first launched the idea that anyone can learn the skills necessary to enjoy a wilderness excursion. He also started the idea of the small, light solo canoe (via Ruston's "Wee Lassie"). And lightweight backpacking. He democratized...  > Read Article

A Family-run Japanese Knife Forge
August 02, 2006 - For a REAL insider's look at wonderful blades, check out: They offer the niftiest ranges of knives for the outdoors as well as for the kitchen. Be sure to also go to the main Japanese language homepa...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Dandy Michigan Knives
August 02, 2006 - Bark River Knife & Tool is a company that descended from the world famous Marbles Company. They're in the U.P. of Michigan, with an outlet store on Hwy 2 near Escanaba. They offer a classy line of knives. A great place to buy these knives is McKnight's shop in Baldwin, MI, near where we have our trailer on the Pere Marquette. H...  > Read Article | Go to Website

What a Stocking Stuffer!
December 16, 2005 - The Victorinox Midnight Manager has to be the neatest little knife going. It's the ultimate keychain item for me. This darn thing has a light, cap-opener, philips screwdriver and ballpoint pen and, of course, "much more." Oh yeah! And it's cheap. Check it out!  > Read Article | Go to Website

Forged "trade" knives, cheap...& much more
December 14, 2005 - "Track of the Wolf" is a great catalog/website of supplies for the heritage outdoorsperson. They sell everything you need to build your own blackpowder firearms of all kinds, as well as knive kits, apparel and tent supplies and such. They also sell completed items, such as a wide variety of hand-forged knives of the sort used in...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Stylish Knives
March 05, 2005 - The sexiest knife has to be the Laguiole. It's the French national wine and cheese knife of the high end. There are quite a few regional makes, like Swiss Army knives have a variety of makers. In general L's have a big, curvy, outsized blade and a swoopy, shapely handle. They're handmade and the handle rivets are often set in the p...  > Read Article

Searching for just the right knife?
January 04, 2005 - If it's a fixed blade, make it yourself! Here's a simple, friendly how-to: And another: Don't forget a sheath, i...  > Read Article

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