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Bike Canoe Trailer: It's a Cinch!
July 06, 2016 - (BUMP FROM May, 31, 2009.) I've long wanted to create a simple trailer for towing a canoe behind a bike. A lot of times when I'm biking and I come across some tasty water I suddenly want to get paddling---especially when the waterway is going my way or when it's a shorter way to go my way. To me, the two joys fit together...  > Read Article

OYB Retro Pannier -- from Vintage Swiss Army!
April 14, 2016 - [$60 postpaid. Out of Stock!.] Presenting the Original OYB Retro Pannier! Out of stock. What an awesome product this was! I'll just leave up the listing. I sold hundreds of these, to dozens of countries. Never seen anything like it. Recently, though, interest dropped off to near-zero even at a price that on...
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Petzl Myo: Best Headlamp "Bang for the Buck"
April 07, 2014 - I've been using the Petzl Myo XP headlamps for about a decade now. Every day. They've never failed me. I think it's high time I promote them in detail. (I've mentioned them in a lights summary, but sheesh.) This is a bombproof, featherweight little light. For around $80. It's powerful. And it has many easy-to-use features and se...  > Read Article | Go to Website

George Herter: a biography would be nice...
December 27, 2013 - I'm thinking that it would be neat to see a biography of George Herter, the founder of the mega mail order outdoor sports catalog. I wonder if any of his relatives are alive and might be interested in such a project. The story of his company and his work would be fascinating, I would think. He -- or his designers -- designed...  > Read Article

Sweet New Lights (for Bikes) -- Cheap!
May 16, 2012 - Personal lighting is booming like crazy right now. And, yeah, a lot of it on the dirt-cheap side is coming from Hong Kong. is rockin' the big firepower for little money like it always has. I recently picked up a jillion-lumen "Fandyfire" Cree stick light for,...  > Read Article

The OYB 7-Way Bag!
January 16, 2012 - [$50, postpaid in US. OUT OF STOCK. I only have a few ratty specimens left with sizable holes. I'll try to find more inventory of base bags to upcycle.] The OYB 7-Way Bag is ready for action! This unique bag has 7 ways it can be used or carried. The bags are rare but they are used -- about 50% grade. About half...
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Bike/Action Lights Set-up & Tips
November 16, 2011 - Here's the bike light combo I've been using for a few years: *Headlamp; *Sticklight, floody-type, with bar-mount; *Red blinky tail-light; *Big ol' Spotlight. My set-up seems pretty good to me. Of course, I really do need a Spot-type sticklight, but whatever, I've been making-do with the Big Ol' Yeller. I use these lights ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Have an Edge? Sheath it!
April 19, 2011 - I have a folding knives and sheath knives and they're happy as they are. My kitchen knives don't have it bad, being mostly in a block or on a magnet strip. But I've come to see that all of my other bladed tools are in a bad way, to put it bluntly, which is what they become. My saws, chainsaws, axes, hatchets, rasps, files: NO...  > Read Article

Super-Versatile Rucksack: "Field Operator's Action Pack"
March 02, 2011 - [$59 shipped in the USA. Non-US orders pay excess postage -- ask.] The wholesale manufacturer, Fox, calls this its "Field Operator's Action Pack" for its in-house name, but retailers can call it what they like. "Action Pack" seems pretty good. I haven't settled on my name for it yet. I use such packs as carry-on luggage and for ...
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Rio Grande Rucksack 25L
March 01, 2011 - [$35 postpaid in the USA. Non-US orders pay excess.] This is a strong, simple, long, narrow daypack. Good for action-wear -- like mtbiking and XC skiing. Light weight. Key Features: Constructed of rugged tactical polyester. Padded back panel with built-in ventilation channels, large main zippered compartment, 2 side...
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Snowshoe Time of Year!
January 31, 2011 - OK, the XC skiing is turning on fire right now with worldclass conditions. But we're also about to be pounded with supposedly a foot of snow tomorrow. That will bring on two wonderful more things: backwoods tele and snowshoeing. As regards snowshoes, I have 2 pair. One is my usual Michigans, which I really like, 14 x 48. They'...  > Read Article

Roadkill Fur Fashion...
December 16, 2010 - I like fur. It's gorgeous, highly functional, lasts decades (far longer than a meal, to be sure), accepts top spot on the eco-chain, and is sustainable (unlike plastic) and humane in multiple respects, including when harvested in the wild (and possibly when farmed animals are kept in good conditions). But it seems like th...  > Read Article

A Wall of Outdoor Sports
November 24, 2010 - I've long wanted to put up an outdoor sports tool display. Why keep all that beautiful stuff hidden away? I only get to enjoy it, visually, when in the workshop, in the garage... C'mon! I made one years ago, before kids, out of 2x4's and nails and Martha said she liked the concept -- except for the execution. So I finally STO...  > Read Article

Idea: Classy Multi-pocket Vest? Pivoting Blazer?
November 02, 2010 - I'm thinking of offering a line of improved, versatile clothing items. Martha already goes to the best thrift stores in the Midwest on her wool-sweather mission for her fabric art biz. I'd just have her add a few items to the list of things she's looking for. She already shops for me and the kids, as it is. W...  > Read Article

DIY Trashcan Packbasket
August 18, 2010 - I shoulda got a picture of this but I didn't. Our upnorth friend Bill Perkins used to be the local Scoutmaster and he ended up doing a lot of picking up and hauling of stuff, for both campouts and community events. He made something that made the pick-up and haul chore a lot easier. He took a big plastic trashcan and bungiec...  > Read Article

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