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Lollygagging: Fishin' and Floatin'
June 08, 2016 - I'm usually not so big on just hanging loose. I'm relaxed when moving. But there's a time for just sittin' there. Normally I like using a boat, a canoe, and having a boat that's meant to be used. But there's a time for A FLOAT. So much of water culture is based around floating already that it rankles. Because it's not really...  > Read Article

Announcing: Type B Coaching!
February 08, 2016 - You're not a Type A personality? Don't worry! Oh, you don't worry, anyway. Good! You still might benefit from some skills development if you wanna do outdoor sports. They do all involve skills after all! Nobody can do them automatically, except at the total-duffer not-actually-using-the-gear level. But you don't have to buy f...  > Read Article

Team OYB's Hollywood & Radio Adventures
May 25, 2015 - Here's a little update about the cultural adventures we've had around here lately. It's been a bit of a whirlwind. On a wide range of fronts. Where to start? A couple years ago a food reporter heard about my roadkill tendencies at a Chicago cocktail party. He wanted to write a story about roadkill and the OYB way of life. He...  > Read Article

OYB Hanging Out the Shingle!
May 13, 2013 - Do you have any projects that the OYB skillset can help you with? Bikes, boats, skis, skills ... and media/web/biz/social/event/handwork relating to same. That's the resume'! : ) 20 years of it! Want to do something together? Lemme know! ...Or if you know of anyone, please pass the word along. Thanks.  > Read Article

Thinking of Gun Rights & Security/Safety... 1st Things 1st!
January 17, 2013 - There's a new push these days to "magically" reduce crime and ban certain talismanic devices said to cause crime. In opposition to this push are folks who magically believe that the devices can help their safety and security situations. Yeah, it's all about guns. In truth, gun crime rarely affects the general public ex...  > Read Article

"Get a Season"
January 17, 2013 - My pal Dave mentioned this the other day. People need to "get a season." It's kinda like "get a life." People shouldn't just be bikers or skiers or paddlers or fishermen or hunters or runners. We're people first. Then comes life. And in Michigan life has 4 seasons. Activities, and those who sell them, try to make them life-...  > Read Article

Welcome to the Indie Field'n'Stream HQ for News, Stories and Goodies!
January 02, 2013 - Hook'n'Bullet is a shop that keeps hard-to-find indie outdoor books/media available and great old books alive. It's also a resource for fresh info on outdoor culture, heritage and lore. 100% of your purchases goes to supporting this mission. Hi! I'm Jeff Potter and I keep things moving here. H'n'B is a spinoff of the Out Your...  > Read Article

A Quick Defense of Hunting, Just in Case
October 23, 2012 - At this colorful and autumnal time of year many hunting seasons are in full swing with more set to come on. It's a great time of year to be outside as much as possible, 24/7, ideally. I've posted little defenses of hunting here before, all googleable, I hope. But it bears repeating and refreshing. Just like it shocks me to ...  > Read Article

Dan's Tackle Shop: Best Fishing Lore in Chicago!
September 18, 2012 - One of the coolest things I experienced this summer was visiting Dan's Tackle Shop in Chicago. There are two great kinds of shops in the world: old ones with wood floors, and cluttered expert dens. Dan's is the latter. His shop is in his house, upstairs, near Bucktown. Several rooms are jampacked with decades-worth of the best ...  > Read Article

OYB Action on Facebook! ...and eBay!
August 21, 2012 - OYB has a couple other big ways to keep in touch or to shop the indie outdoors. I have an OYB Facebook Page where I post more timely items and event dates. (More people leave comments there, too -- even though it's cinchy to do so here.) --  > Read Article

Robert Mosher: New OYB Staffer!
March 09, 2012 - I am pleased to mention that for the past while OYB has had the privilege of the assistance of an enthusiastic and talented outdoorsman, a fellow bike and boat buff (and old climber besides): Robert Mosher. He is a local kindred spirit who wanted to pitch in. He's been making it possible for OYB to get twice as much done as befo...  > Read Article

We Get Mail...
February 27, 2012 - Here's the OYB Brag Sheet. I get Fan Mail from time to time. And no one seems able to use my built-in Comment system so I have to manually post it here. I just started this page a couple weeks ago, since a few interesting items have come in lately. So the past is past, I guess. When I get Hate Mail, I'll post it, too. Critici...  > Read Article

OYB in the News!
March 16, 2011 - Hey! The "State News" paper/website of MSU is running a nifty little multimedia report with pics/audio about the OYB indie outdoor media empire... : )  > Read Article | Go to Website

OYB has an eBay Store!
March 07, 2011 - I've launched an eBay store for OYB. I've had the Outyourbackdoor username there for a few years, which I've used to sell luggage, books, magazines and other goodies. Heck, Martha and I have been eBaying since it started and we together have 1000+ sales with a 100% rating since, like, 1994. But I've ramped things up there, wi...  > Read Article

Donate! Help the OYB cause...
March 06, 2011 - I've had several people recently ask how they can support the OYB cause. I've been relying on my offerings of great books'n'goodies that you can't hardly get anywhere else as being the best way. "Money for stuff" is the only way I can understand making a living. But I can accept that OYB *stuff* isn't right for everyone. Also,...  > Read Article

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